know about symbols you see daily

We are surrounded by many logos  and we come across many signs and symbols in our daily life but wait
how many of you know the meaning or history behind these symbols?
Let us know about some of the daily life symbols and sign so that you feel proud to explain about it to your
dear and near ones and make them feel that you are super smart

1.The on/off button on your remote

You get to see this on/off button in your daily life many times a day but what do it represent ever thought about it



The circle on it represents zero and the small line on it represents one this zero and one is derived from
binary code of computers zero represents off and one represents on so that is the meaning of the symbol

2.bluetooth symbol

Ever thought about Bluetooth symbol shown below where is it taken from let us know


Bluetooth symbol actually  is designed by joining half H and half B of Scandinavian language these H and B
are initials of the king Herald Bluetooth .The designer of the Bluetooth symbol designed it as he wanted to pay tribute to
herald Bluetooth so now you know about two daily life symbols

3.pause symbol (the two bold lines)

We use pause button extensively from you tube to DVD players.many say that this is just a symbol to stop but there is a classic origin



story for it .it is derived from the music notation caesura  shown below which literally means to wait

These two slant straight lines are straightened to make the pause symbol

4.USB symbol

ever saw usb symbol shown below or thought about its origin


This symbol has its origin from  Neptune’s Trident ie the weapon of sea god Neptune or  the trishula of lord Shiva in
Hindu mythology but the designing team altered the heights of three thorns and added circle ,
triangle and square telling that those many types of ports can be connected with usb
So ,friends I hope that you have gained a good knowledge on daily life symbols and their origins

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