What to look for, before buying a laptop for programming, gaming etc?

Laptops and PC’S have become an integral part of our life today. These days on an average every second work is done using computers and laptops, especially laptops are becoming the first choice for people in various fields right from software to business and from gamers to hi-tech programmers.
Today the personal computer market is huge and we have many options to buy a laptop. But we do have some common things which one should look for before buying a laptop.
In this article I would discuss the hardware requirements you should have in a laptop for good performance and explain about some technicalities in detail. I hope that after reading this article you would be able to suggest people in buying laptops.
Being a programmer at beginning I was very confused about this topic so I thought it would be helpful for someone out there searching for a laptop.

1. Processor

So the first and most important thing one should look for is the processor. Two big names in the processor world are Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).
Firstly let me talk about Intel processors. So, if you are taking a laptop with a Intel processor, you should look at least for Intel Core I5 7th generation processor if you have a limited budget otherwise I highly recommend the Core i7 7th or 8th  generation processor for superb speeds. If you have very high budgets then you can even get a 9th generation processor.
What is the difference in the processors?

Simply the three processors I3, I5 and I7 differ in speed and efficiency. I7 have the maximum performance then I5 and then I3. But technically I3 processors generally have two cores while I5 generally have four cores (exceptions exist) and uses robust Turbo boost Technology. I7 processors also generally have four processors (exceptions exist) only but are designed in much better way compared to I5 processors. So that was a brief difference on difference in Intel processors.

Want to know more abou this difference, Here are the resources:

  1. What’s the difference between Core i3, i5 and i7 processors?

Core i7 processor
What is the difference between various generation of a single processor?

The different generations of a processors have differences in clock speed (Number of clock cycles a CPU can perform per second, simply the GHz thing in the processor), fabrication technology (the technology used to make the integrated circuits for the processor). Some of the generations might differ in number of cores also.

For example if we take Core I7 processor, the 3rd generation is built on 22nm technologY whereas 5th and 7th generation are built on 14 nm technology.

I just wrote about this briefly, to know more you can visit: Intel Core

Coming to Razon processors i will suggest AMD Ryzen 3 2200G processors for entry level otherwise buy AMD Ryzen 5 2600X which the best mid level processor. If you have very good budget then you can take AMD Ryzen 7 2700X which is the one of the best processors.

To know about all the AMD processors visit: AMD processors

I hope you understood about Processors, comment below if you have any doubts.


These days storages are of two types broadly ,they are HDD(Hard Disk Drives) and SSD(Solid State Drive). Today hybrids are also available wherein you get both HDD and SSD in a single laptop.
    As we all know hard disks are those storages which have moving parts and are comparatively slow but for budget laptops they are still good option.
    SSDs are modern storage devices which have pretty fast read and write speeds. I myself use SSD and believe me, they are pretty cool because they use microchips instead of moving magnetic parts as in hard drives. You can go with SSD if you have high budget because SSD is damn costly.
   You have one more option which is buying hybrid that is the combo of SSD and HDD, where your windows and some particular softwares can be installed in SSD to make them work faster.
   In my view buying a laptop with hybrid storage is the best option as it can give good performance within a mid range budget.
Generally 500 GB storage is very good but it depends on our needs. If your storage needs are high i will recomment to take a hybrid with 1TB or 2TB HDD and SSD as per need or you can buy a laptop with 256 GB SSD and buy a external harddisk.

3.Graphic card:

This graphic card can take your laptop to next level. If you are using your laptop for normal uses like web surfing, normal coding etc then Intel integrated graphic card will be enough. If you are a robust gamer or video editor then you need robust and dedicated graphic card also.
I would recommend Nvidia graphic cards, which are really superb. I have Nvidia geforce gtx 940 graphics card but gtx 1080 can be superb if you can afford it, but still I think 940 would be enough and best.
Again if you have extreme budgets then there are Geforce RTX 2080 Ti which are as costly as  $1,199(only the graphic card not the laptop) but this is not at all recommended for people who do normal gaming and video editing.Nvidia graphics cards
To see all the latest NVIDIA graphic cards visit there website here: NVIDIA


Your computer Ram is also very important as it hugely affects speed of your computer. But you need not have very large RAM like 32 GB or 64 GB unless you are doing some very heavy work.
What does RAM do?

As we all know that all the softwares are stored in your storage but these applications load on RAM. When you switch on your PC and start different applications, all those applications load and run on your RAM. So, with increase in RAM your laptop speed also will increase.

I recommend 8GB RAM for beginners and it is good enough for most of the people. You can go 16GB depending on your needs.

Generally the RAM used in laptops today is DDR(Double Data Rate) RAM. Then there are different generations in this DDR like DDR3, DDR4, DDR5 with DDR5 being the latest. These genrations of RAM is just like generations of intel processors, they differ in speed, efficiency etc.
I would recomment DDR4 if you have less budget otherwise go for DDR5 RAM.


Believe me for a laptop any of the good brands would work, hardware is the most important .But if you are particular about looks then go for brands like Apple , HP ,Dell etc.
Other minor features like display, touch screens and 2 in 1 feature etc depends only on personal interest.
But if you are also into video and photo editings then I recommend 4k display and if you are a student touch and 2 in 1 laptops can be handy for you.
So that was the information about the most important hardware features one should look for while buying a PC.
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