Mathematics is making you a fool at school

Mathematics is one of the most interesting topics for many students. Mathematics is a subject which we need from our birth to our death. But do you know that your math textbooks are making you a fool? I can prove that you will fail in the basics of this subject. After reading this article you will understand that your textbooks are making you a fool. So let us begin

So let us start with a sixth standard topic:

1.What is this called?



I know you will simply say that it is a line without thinking even for a minute.

Now I will ask you

 What is the definition of a line?

Then you will say that it is a collection of points in a particular way and then you will say line is a one-dimensional object and it have only length.

Then I will ask you,

How can you see a line if it does not have any breadth? Do you have any answer.

So the thing you were thinking to be a line is not a line but it is a rectangle and from years you were saying it a line. So you failed in first concept.

2.Division problem

This time I will give you a division problem and you try to do it like a school student, OK

The problem isproblem

Now try to solve it like school kids do and try to get the answer and then see the solution I do.

Now let us solve this division problem thinking that we are a school child,

after this step as 1 is smaller than 2 we put a decimal in the quotient and a zero after 1 in the remainder

step three


then we solve it and get

What? 21/2 = 1.5. I have followed all the rules taught to me in the school and did the division, can you prove that the division I did is wrong. Do you know any rule which I violated in this division? If you know any such rule please comment and let me know otherwise accept that you have failed in this concept also.

3.Natural Numbers

Now let me ask you a basic question. What are natural numbers? Do you accept that it is a basic question. Wait, for a while think about the question. Did you get any answer to this question.


natural numbers

First of all did your teacher taught you anything about “What are natural numbers?”

I don’t think most of the people know everything about “What are natural numbers?”

If it is the same with you I am giving a Wikipedia link below, check it out. There are hell lot of things behind this question. There are many definitions for natural numbers. You cannot simply say that natural numbers are counting numbers

So that’s it for this article guys, to know more stay tuned, part-2 coming soon.

So I hope you felt that math made you a fool.

If you have any question about any of the three topics or if you want to correct something, please feel free to comment, I will surely reply to it.

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