NASA to launch WFIRST

NASA to introduce a new space telescope to have a wide image of the universe that ever seen. The telescope is WFIRST  ie. Wide field infrared survey telescope .WFIRST will present the image with the same clarity and same depths the Hubble space telescope. This is going to be launched in mid 2020’s.

It is said ,” WFIRST with 300 megapixel camera will capture sky area 100 times larger than the Hubble space telescope.”So,1 picture of WFIRST is equivalent to 100 pictures of Hubble space telescope.


David Spergel, co-chair of the WFIRST science working group and professor at Princeton University in the US said ,”If the image of Hubble can form a poster of your wall,then this Wfirst’s image can cover your entire wall”.


NASA said ,”WFIRST instrument generates a wide pictures of the universe which has never seen before. This will help astronomers in exploring the mysterious things and also why the universe is expanding fast.”


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