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Now ,in this modern world everything is getting advanced .If you want to read a book then you have go to the library and search for it.But it is time taking process ,imagine if there is a library in our home ,we feel glad . So,it would be easy to refer if there is online also .So, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, known as IIT KGP and a partner in the Million Book Project launched online library.

Ministry of Human Resource Development initiated National digital library of India (NDL) which is the largest online library .You can check in the website of NDL with is an app of NDL ” National digital library of India” which is available in android operating system.App can be accessed in 3 languages ie english ,hindi ,bengali.

Here ,you can access it just with your registration by providing details regarding without any payment.It is available in more than 70 different languages .Not only the data but also the videos of the lectures also will be available .It is available in different file formats and books, articles, manuscripts, video lectures, thesis, etc.You can search resources by type,author ,subject etc..

It provides the data from KG to PG .It also contains the subjects of competitive tracksi.e GATE ,IITJEE…You can also practice with the previous papers,worksheets ,materials available in it.There are many other things available in it .

So, guyz try this online book store NDL app….
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