Nokia- trying to become king once again

Nokia , which was a very popular brand once upon a time has joined the race once again and is trying to beat mobile giants like apple and Samsung.
Here iam talking about Nokia’s phone manufacturing business.
In this article I would like to tell you some interesting things about Nokia’s reentry.
Nokia is one of oldest brands in the world ,founded 152 years ago in 1865 Nokia has grown to a giant scale  in phone manufacturing and it has won hearts of millions especially Indians with its phones
But with entry of various phone brands eventually a down fall was seen in Nokia’s brand but after that Nokia’s tied up with Microsoft and produced it’s Lumia series which also was not that great .

After that Nokia’s brand was sold to HMD global a company which was formed by former executives of nokia,and manufacturing units were sold to apple.
Nokia 356
Today HMD global is bringing good looking phones into the market already it has launched three amazing phones namely Nokia 3 Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 and is planning to launch one more phone very soon.
  • Nokia 6 has been launched at Rs. 14,999
  • Nokia 5 price in India is Rs. 12,899
  • Nokia 3 Android smartphone
  • costs Rs. 9,499
 I have studied the features of these phones keenly and according to me the features and specs are very good and it is a very good deal at very low cost ,this tells how strongly Nokia is trying to jump back and occupy it’s throne in the market .but this is not enough as there are many companies like oppo redmi giving tough competition in the same range
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