NPTEL- a Step towards Online Education by IIT’s and IISc

Hey guys, if you are from engineering background and are studying in India, then most of you might have heard about NPTEL already. NPTEL is an online platform for learning engineering skills from top most professors in the country.

NPTEL is a joint initiative by MHRD, 7 IIT’s and IISc. Here you get many courses from almost all branches of engineering. I am personally very much interested in learning online so I enrolled in the “introduction to IoT” course at NPTEL, which is going to start from 30th of July.


Now there is no need to talk about quality of lecturers and material as it is given by top notch institutes and top professors in the country.

The platform gives courses of various time spans (4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks). All the course content is free, so that even poor people can access it. There is an option for certification exam which is optional and you have to pay 1100/- to write this.

The platform gives you various assignments and assessments which add up to your percentage and makes 25% of it, the other 75% is taken from your certificate exam and the total score is given on your certificate if you take the certification exam.

Nptel also conducts various workshops for colleges. From 2018,  NPTEL is giving chance to toppers of the certification exam to apply for internships at IIT’s which is a very good opportunity for everyone.

nptel 3


The mentor professor can select interns and can give them internship for 1 or 2 month period at their respective IIT’s.

If you want to learn engineering even if you are in any other domain, you can enroll here and learn it.

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