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Hey guys did you ever feel that it would be better if you could wear different shirts daily ,then this startup is for people like you.
Oh look! Is a startup started in Hyderabad India by three hyderabadis Arshad ,Armaan and veerashekhar.this company rents its shirts at very low costs. You cannot believe that you can get 20 shirts just for 2000 rupees  and all the shirts are of top brands like Allen Solly,parx,Raymond ,John players etc.

You can consult with oh look’s stylist also who will help you select correct shirts which will suit you.
Oh look
I would like to tell you that if you want to buy those number of shirts in market you must spend 10000 rupees.
Oh look offers 3 packages of shirts those are
1.  20 shirts for 2000/-
2. 12 shirts for 1350/-
3. 4 shirts for 650/-


01. Choose Your Pack

Choose From Packs of 20 or 12 or 4 shirts Per Month

02. Answer The Style Quiz

Share What You Like, What You Dislike, What You Do, Your Personality and More.

03. Connect With a Stylist

Your Personal Stylist Will Now Pick The Best Shirts Every Month For You

04. Receive Your Pack

Receive Your Pack of 20 or 12 or 4Premium-Branded Shirts Home Delivered

05. Exchange The Old Pack For New

Return The Previously Received Pack
of Shirts For a New Set
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