Introduction to ola cabs

In Spanish, Hola translates to ‘Hello’ hence the name OLA probably to indicate that their services are as easy and friendly as that, just like saying a ‘hello’.Bhavish and Ankit Bhatia are the founders of OLA.

Bhavish perceived his ,computer science engineering from IIT ,Bombay. He started an online holiday and tour planning service on the side, before changing that into OlaCabs. While trying to manage his business ,he had to travel from Bangalore to Bandipur for which he hired a car and at last he had a very bad experience .Car driver stopped the  car in the middle of his journey and demanded a renegotiation of what Bhavish is paying.As ,Bhavish did not agree with his demand ,he left him abandoned at that place .

Then at that situation he realized that many people are in a need  for the quality cab services , then the thirst for the quality cabs striked the idea of cabs .Then he turned his business to OLA cabs


Co-founder Ankit Bhati perceived dual degree from IIT,Bombay and joined in his start-up journey. His parents did not agree with his decision but later on believed that it would be successful when investors are ready to invest .

Instead of buying their own vehicles and renting out  .They started partnership with the taxi drivers and just a modern technology to book a cab through call centres /via apps with in a short time is added to it .

OLA cabs -when initiated..


They now have almost 4,000,000 cabs across the country, offering variety of car options – Mini, Prime, sedan,Luxury – which can be paid for through on of the different modes available.


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