Optics and technology

Optics which is a huge branch of physics is widely used today. Today we use optics way from lens manufacture to complex laser surgeries
Do you know about how these things were developed ,in this article I would like to discuss about some technologies related to optics

1. Lasers

Lasers which are abbreviated as “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”.

We have been thinking that light is a wave for long time in the past but after Einstein’s photoelectric effect experiment it has become clear that light propogates in the form of  energy packets.
Einstein predicted that when an excited atom is hit with right stimulus it gave out 2 identical photons.
Later experiments revealed that some substances can emit identical wavelength and amplitude photons that to without scattering it .
Scientists used these substances to make lasers.

Now we find lasers used in many places like bill counters in supermarkets etc.we use lasers in complex surgeries to cure diseases like cancer ,it is used in ATMs ,it is used in various industries for cutting and printing also.


Did you ever wonder about holography.holography is one of the widest application s of optics
Holography was invented in 1948 as a way to create refined images by splitting a light source and bouncing part of it off of an image to a photographic plate while the other part went straight to the plate to form a sort of a background.

In 1964 the process became practical interest when Emmett Norman Leith and a colleague at the University of Michigan thought of using lasers to etch 3-d images the powerful source improved a process that had been largely academic interest.holographs are now in wide use and it is found on credit cards and currency as a way to protect against fraud .

Hope you like the article and very soon I will post few more optical technology things .

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