Paytm to launch messaging service

Paytm is the India’s leading digital payments firm . Paytm has offered its services till now in booking tickets,online transactions,shopping,payments and also to buy electronic devices,utilities etc.

Paytm has provided a platform for many digital services .Now Paytm to launch messaging service to counter Facebook’s Inc whatsapp. The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday was first to report Paytm’s plan to launch a messaging service.

It has already grabbed the users by its one stop place where the users can get almost all the digital services .Now its going to introduce a new feature of messaging where users can be connected with each other. Messaging feature is expected to be launched later this month. A spokesperson for Paytm declined to comment on the matter.

This messenger service would help to connect its ecosystem of sellers and consumers as well as build a larger ecosystem for its users. This feature allows the user to send images ,videos,audios,files,texts. The model is something along the lines of WeChat in China, which today covers media, payments, ride-hailing, commerce and much more.

Paytm currently has more than 225 million users.E-payments in India rushed after the country banned old high-value currency notes late last year i.e after demonetisation. Firms like Paytm have since rapidly increased their market share .

WhatsApp itself has been looking at moving into digital payment services in India. Hike, a chat service which claims 100 million users in the country, already supports payments .

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