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Periodic videos is a pretty interesting YouTube channel about chemistry. The videos these people made are pretty good and very informative. This channel was started to encourage students all around the globe to opt for sciences. The man who makes this channel interesting is Sir Martyn Poliakoff, who is a chemistry professor at university of Nottingham.

periodic videos


At first they started with videos related to each element and they made videos on all the 118 elements and I have seen almost all of them and felt pretty amazing. Recently they made new videos of some elements with lots of other interesting things about it.

They also make videos on many other things related to chemistry which are really fantastic. The thing I like about their videos is that they show everything practically, it is not like typical Indian lectures which have a black board and a white chalk and a professor going on writing reactions.

sir martyn poliakoff


They also shoot places where the professor visits, like the Nuclear Research Center at Dubna, periodic element collectors and they also shoot guest lectures by the professor.

We can also find videos of some interesting reactions in chemistry which feels like heaven to see, the one which I like the most is the reaction of KMnO4 with hydrogen peroxide.

You also get to know about many famous chemicals and their uses.

There videos are so amazing that today they have reached 1 million subscriber mark which is very big achievement for a science channel.

I personally got a lot to learn from this you tube channel and that is why I am writing this article and i suggest everyone to see these videos as this will really make your interest in science.

I am giving a link to the channel, so that you can visit right now



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