“Petya” Ransomware attack

The massive attack of ransomwares is the  most popular forms of online attacks which attacked the renowned companies and banks of European countries and others. It was reported by the Kaspersky lab that ransomware is ‘petya ‘,as it holds similarities to that ransomware. The ransomeware named “Petya” attack on Tuesday has disrupted more than 2,30,000 among 150 countries. Each victim is demanded to pay the ransom of $ 300 of bitcoin .India is also one of the country affected by this ransomware  attack .Due to the attack,India’s largest port Jawaharlal Nehru port trust in Mumbai shutting down operations at one of its terminals.Container ship terminals in Rotterdam run by a unit of Maersk were affected, the company confirmed. There is a huge impact on Russia’s biggest oil company,Rosneft and French construction company ,st.Gobain. Ukraine biggest units like power supply units,aircrafts manufacturing units ,central banks,metro systems were affected very badly. U.S hospitals have been hit by this attack. This is noticed to be the second ransomware attack which occured in no more time after the attack of wannacry virus. Experts suggest the malware is taking advantage of the same weaknesses used by the WannaCry attack last month.

Companies has informed the employees to stop the systems using Windows and to prevent the power supply also. This attack is Similar to the attack of wanna cry virus which took place in last month.This was designed in such a way that virus spreads itself without the involvement of the Human power.There were also some of the warning notices for the Spain’s telecom corporations ,Germany’s railways,UK’s medical institutions. Some of the people shared their message in social media like”Your files are no longer accessible ,because your files have been encrypted.”and also “to pay the ransom of $300 of bitcoin”.There was no reply when they sent the messages to the email appeared in that message .Ukraine has announced that renowned companies are safe on this unpredictable attack and there was a big disruption for the bank services.
America ‘s medicine company ,merck tweeted that “It is the first company on which attack occurred among the Europe and Atlantic’s.

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