Plastic cards|Atm-Debit-Credit cards

plastic cards ie atm cards,debit cards,credit cards are the payment gateways.These are the most used sources for online transactions.88% of the people use this cards and all might be knowing them.But still I want to give you the exact difference…

A plastic card used to withdraw money from a banking institution’s automatic teller machine (ATM ) .Atm cards can be used only in atm machines.These cannot be used for online payments .
A payment card deducts money directly from a consumer’s checking account to pay for a purchase.It avoids the carrying of money physically. .However,debit cards have purchase limits per day.Huge purchases cannot be done with this. Debit cards are used for any online transactions.They can be used in atm machines also.Major difference between atm cards and debit card is Visa ,Master,Rupay logos are not present on the face of the atm card .Debit cards can be used widely  in restaurants,hotels,shopping malls,booking etc.

A credit card is a card issued by financial company giving an option to borrow funds to the holder..Credit card can be used for online transactions.But this is not sanctioned for all the people.It depends upon the eligibility.We can take credit from the bank and should return in the specified days.If not, interest will be taken .Credit given to the each individual will not be same and depends on the eligibility of individual status.Interest is taken on the preset values to the individual credit rating.

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