Online products to display MRP ,Expiry date

Most of the people love to shop online .Here is a good news for the people.


Representative of the consumer affair ministry said “E-commerce companies usually apply the technique of displaying prices of goods above MRP and then show steep discounts, which is discovered by consumers only after delivery of the product to them .”

It is made mandatory for the E-commerce sites to print not only the MRP of the product but also the details of the products like customer care number ,expiry date.To protect online customers ,centres has taken this decision starting monday.


The consumer affairs ministry had made the amendments in this regard to the Legal Metrology Rules in June 2017.The Online sites were given a six-month deadline to comply with the new rule.A recent survey by LocalCircles presented that 42% of 10,000 respondents had seen products listed above MRP and then discounted off the inflated price.


Along with MRP, the companies have to display the manufacturing date, expiry date(for the food items ,cosmetics, medicines etc), net quantity, country of origin and consumer care details on the label which will help the customer to have the more idea on the goods/products.


Ministry also mentioned that no two identical packed commodities should have two different MRP’s .The popular E-commerce companies like Flipkart ,Amazon,snapdeal etc will start displaying these info from today…


Enjoy your online shopping with more product info and keep reading our articles for more interesting updates….

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