Python – an ultimate programming language

Hey guys did u hear about python? I think almost everyone who are connected with computers would have heard about python for sure.


Python is a high level programming language that means that it is a hardware independent programming language. In recent times python gained lot of importance and the reason is that almost everything can be done using python that is we can make almost everything right from web applications to IOT applications.

Now python was actually made in 1991 and was published officially for the first time in 1994. It was designed by Guido Van Rossum who was a research scholar in Netherlands. Guido was a member of the group who designed the ABC language and he gave huge contribution from his side in making this language.

Guido felt that ABC do not have some features which should be there and as it was not possible to put those features into it, he designed python in which he included all the features he thought which should be there. He also took some wonderful features from other languages and put that into python.




Many think that the name python is inspired from snake but that is not true, Guido told that python name is inspired from a comedy reality show named Monty Python of which he was a big fan.

Python is actually an open source language, there is a community of developers who are constantly working to improve python and actually anyone can give their contributions to improve it.

After 1994 three versions of python were launched and the specialty here is that the versions are very different from each other and there is no back support in the newer versions.

I feel that python is very easy language and if you know some basics of other languages then u can start with python itself.

One more special thing about python is that it have  interpreter and it is not a compiler based language

Many well-known companies like YouTube, google, Quora, Mozilla Firefox use python.

Python developers are in high demand today and they are earning a lot these days. You can make a very good carrier in python.

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