QLED Tv – do you know the secret behind the picture quality

Television sets have evolved a lot in the recent years. The modern evolution of TV started from the old black and white CRT(cathode ray tube) TV, then came the color CRT TV, then LCD, then LED and then came OLED TV and QLED TV. Now the trending thing in the market is QLED and that is because of the extreme picture quality it can provide and the sharpness of the picture.
source: www.samsung.com
We all know that LED stands for light emitting diode but do you know what do O and Q stands for in OLED and QLED. O stands for organic and Q stands for Quantum dots. So here we will talk about quantum dots and how they help in improving the sharpness of the picture.
Quantum dots, generally referred as artificial atoms are very very small semiconducting materials which are only few nanometers in size. They were theorized in 1970s’ and were really created in 1980s’. Quantum dots have unique optical properties because of its very special nanoscale size. At this scale quantum physics comes into play. The frequency, a quantum dot emits or absorbs can be precisely tuned by changing the shape and size of Quantum dots. Now this special tuning property is what makes the QLED picture so sharp and gives a feast to our eyes. That means you can tune these particles in QLED TV to emit very specific frequency light which makes the image look pretty good. If you really want to know more about quantum dots, their importance in nanotechnology and their production methods, visit the below links: 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_dot – wikipedia 2. https://www.sciencedaily.com/terms/quantum_dot.htm — sciencedaily 3. https://www.nanowerk.com/what_are_quantum_dots.php – nano-werk So that’s it guys, I didn’t go into the deeper science behind quantum dots as I want everyone to understand it. I hope you like this article, if you do please subscribe to our newsletter and do follow us on social media.     Please share this article with your curious friends who are hungry of knowledge.

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