Quick response code ie QR code can store large amount of data .Even if there is the cut off / scratches present on the QR code the data can be recovered .This has overcome the storage issue of barcode .

QRcode has some alignments like 3square blocks on 3corners of the QR code.There will be a timing line and also error correction block .There will be some fixed blocks for some purpose.Data can be stored in other parts .The storage of data follows in the following manner:
-Basically ,it consists of 8 blocks of 8square parts each.Blocks of type 4 by 2 (columns by rows).This particular blocks moving in certain pattern retrieves the data. This each 4 by 2 blocks consistsof 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128 numbers. The number in the black parts should be considered in that block. Suppose if 1,4,16 are the numbers in black then 21 is the sum and the data present in the block .If 21 denotes the dot,then the data stored is dot / full stop. Next ,this is continued with other blocks and thus whole data is retrieved. This QR code can be scanned with your mobiles.some cameras are in built with QR reader option .

Coming to the advantages,there are many .Our visiting cards can also have the QR code. To WiFi login,WiFi ssid and the password can be stored in QR code. This QR code helps to scan  it and gets connected directly to the WiFi without entering the password .There are many websites available in the online by which we can get the QR code.If we want to share our information, or for any promotions there is no need of sharing whole data .It can be done by QR code itself. Receivers can just scan to retrieve the data. Every things has pros and cons.

Cons of this QR code are those, if the users are hackers they can get the information and hack the data easily .If we scan the data with the mobile it can acquire the virus also .But  there are minor chances of this effects.

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