China to launch Unhackable QUANTUM COMPUTING NETWORK

Now -a- days,hacking of the computers has become quiet common .It is not easy to hack the computer and encrypt the data. By transfering the virus to the computer systems , Hackers stop the computers working .There are many attacks by which many countries suffered from the data encryption. Recently ,Ransomware like petya,wanna cry attacked twice in this year for which huge ransom is demanded by the hackers .

China is preparing to launch a communications system that would be impossible to hack.As a solution to this issue and prevent hacking ,China to launch a huge quantum computing network. Last year it launched a “hack-proof” communications satellite. Quantum uses light to send crucial information. According to the shandong government “Quantum systems network is going to be introduced first in Shandong’s capital Jinan”.In Jinan ,200 from Defence,Finance ,Government and other vital information systems are set to the send most secured and safe messages.In this process , information sent through the fibre optic cable is secured by the quantum encryption.
Qunatum working follow in the manner-
⊙ if you want to send the secure information ,first separately send a key fixed in light particles.
⊙Then you send the encrypted data ,which receiver can read the data with the help of key sent before.

If any one tries to encrypt /kidnap the data ,then immediately all the data will be altered or crashed.Unhackable is described as -if there is any attempt at hacking will immediately be noticed by the original sender and the intended receiver. The quantum communications network, which will be the longest in the world, will travel 2,000kilometers from Beijing to Shanghai and pass through a message hub in Jinan.

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