Rally for Rivers

Modernization is also one of the causes for the  ecosystem imbalances . Activities like deforestation ,over usage of fertilizers etc led to the effects on natural resources. Over consumption of water for electricity and many other household purposes decline the  water levels. If these activities continues for few more years,future generations has to face water scarcity problems. Many of the smaller rivers have already vanished. So to save them ..

Isha foundation ,sadguru has organised campaign “Rally for Rivers “ 💧from 3rd September to 2nd October in consultation and collaboration with the Ministry of Environment.


It involves creating and maintaining tree cover for a minimum of one kilometer on either side of the entire river length and half a kilometer for tributaries.

Sadguru himself is driving from kanyakumari to Himalayas to create awareness.

Native forest trees🌿 would be planted in government-owned land along riverbanks.  Organic fruit tree🌾 cultivation would be taken up on private farmers’ lands. This will lead to the restoration of  rivers and also enhance the farmers income by doubling it in five years .

So join your hands 🙋in “Rally for Rivers ” 💧to have a bright future. For a large environmental movement throughout the country like this, minimum of 10 crore votes are needed.   To contribute your vote just give a missed call on ☎ 8000980009 . Hope 🙏you will vote surely and support this movement……
Hope you will vote 👍and also share this article ,let them know the value of their vote and contribute a vote.

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