Registrations -recorded in CD

Now a days ,there are many issues of bogus registrations,fake property owners ,many lands litigations.

Telangana government in the process of bringing new reforms to the registration of lands is  introducing new safety measures.

So,this is a good news that ,All the registration process will be recorded in CD at the subregister office in CC cameras to prevent this issues. A copy of the recorded CD will be given to the buyers and other will be in the subregister office .All these video  recordings will be done from 1st November 2017 as part of the new initiatives in registration process.

This will avoid the police cases regarding lands , preventing bogus registrations,checks any fraud done against the buyers showing fake property ownership.

This CD serves as a witness to the cases if occur in future .All the recordings of purchasers and buyers will be done in front of the subregister officials.
There are 141 sub registrar offices in Telangana state in which CC’s will be arranged and this  method of recording will be implemented soon…..

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