Rupay,Master,Visa cards


Today in this advanced era,almost all are online transactions.Nearly all the transcations like fee payment,ticket booking,recharge,current bill,water bill,reservations etc..are online transactions only.Beginning from the small to the big deals ,all are online transactions.Credit cards ,Debit cards,Atm cards are the payment gateways.Here there are types of cards like rupay card,visa card,master card.These acts as a mediator between the banks and the user/account holder
Those 3 cards are almost all same but has slight difference.What are they ?Do you know ?If not,then get into the complete article.A credit ,debit,prepaid card by branded visa Inc.,a payment technology company – a visa card.A credit ,debit,prepaid card by branded Master Incorparated,a payment technology company-a master card.These are the cards through which both national and international transactions can be done.

India has the high market range .So ,to reduce the dominance of these international cards ,it introduced our own payment gateway.It is Rupee payment card which is Rupay card. Rupay card is the Indian card which can be accessed in India .

RuPay is an Indian domestic card scheme conceived and launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). NPCI maintains ties with Discover Financial to enable the card scheme to gain international acceptance.RuPay facilitates electronic payment at all Indian banks and financial institutions.
It can also be used for international transactions but only in specific regions.This cannot be accessed world wide.This may take less time for transactions due less traffic.Transactions may have security compared to master and visa cards.Charges also will be less.There are many online websites more than 10,000 in which Online payment can be done by rupay card.There are debit cards which can be used worldwide.This also provides some rewards /offers for the services being used.

Primary disadvantage is -It cannot be used  world wide.

Master and Visa cards are the foreign gateways. But charges may be high.Takes lot of time for processing.Transaction time may be more unlike Rupay card.There will also be much traffic.This do not provide much rewards because banks may take high charge for processing .
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