Sand of different colours – do you know about it?

We see sand everywhere and generally in pale cream, golden or caramel colour.  But do you know that, at some special places we also have sand in colours like violet, green, red etc.?

Let us discuss about some of the special and rare colours of sand.

1.Green Sand

Green sand is an organic fertiliser and it contains many minerals. This green colour was once a part of sea bed. The green sand is also known as ‘glauconite’. It is composed of glauconite (40–80%), potassium feldspar (10–15%), quartz (10–60%), muscovite (5%) and minor quantities of biotite (2%), goethite (<1%), titanium and manganese oxides (<1%), barium phosphate and rare-earth elements phosphates (<1%).

But for us composition is not important, beauty of this green sand is important. You can see a picture below, it’s a picture of Papakolea Green Sand Beach at Mahana Bay. I wish to visit this beach at least once to see this green sand.

green sand

2.Purple Sand

I was really shocked after knowing that we even have a beach with purple sand. One of the most famous purple sand beach is Pfeiffer Beach in California. The reason behind the purple colour of sand is manganese garnet particle. This sand also contains quartz but manganese garnet is the main reason of its colour.

purple sand

3.White Sand

White sand is actually gypsum crystals. White sand national monument in USA is one of the largest white sand dunes in the world. Now these are formed due to the presence of gypsum crystals. These white sand is pretty rare because of the water soluble property of gypsum. A rain could easily wash away all the gypsum crystals but at some places due to some special geological features the white sand does not erode due to rains.

white sand dunes

4.Pink Sand

Pink sand beaches are some of the most beautiful natural creations. The pink sand get its colour from tiny red organisms which grow beneath corals near the sea shore and gets deposited with their shells on the beach turning the sand to pink.

Whatever be the reason, pink sand beaches are like feast to our eyes. You can enjoy these beaches by seeing the images below at least for now and if possible visit these places.

  1. Harbour Island, Bahamas,
  2. Komodo, Indonesia,
  3. Elbow Beach, Bermuda
  4. Crane Beach, Barbados are some of the places where you can see this beautiful pink sand.

pink sand


I hope you got amazed to know about these special colours of sand, especially purple and white right. I hope you like this article and if you do please share it with your curious friends.

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