SanDisk’s 400 GB SD card

Hey guys did you hear about that ,yes it is true SanDisk has launched a 400 GB SD card believe it or not it is 400 GB that to of your nail’s size
Let me tell you that actually according to theory we can make SD cards  with maximum capacity of 2 TB but it is only theory today , as we cannot fit those many transistors into a SD card with present technology

So SanDisk has finally built a SD card with largest storage of 400 GB .it is really wonderful .with this now you can carry lots of memory with you in very compact way.
But the problem here is that due the decrease in gap between transistors in the chip we have very low transfer speeds in this memory card
Except that problem SanDisk has done a wonderful job
Iam just waiting for a day when we can store 2 TB in a memory card barely of our nail’s size
So hope you like the article

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