Sarahah app

Sarahah is a messaging app by which we can send messages without showing our identity to the recipient.Sarahah refers to ‘ Honesty ‘ in Arabic.It was developed by the ZainAlabdin Tawfiq.It is available on ios and android operating system.Sarahah has more than 300 Million users now.

How to message in sarahah:

  • Download the app from play store.
  • Create an account in sarahah app which can be seen by all without logging in .
  • Log on to the account .
  • Select the name of the person to whom you want to send your feedback .
  • Write feedback and then click send button.
  • Message will be sent to the specified person but your identity will be kept hidden.

Our profile can be shared on social networking sites like Facebook ,Twitter,instagram .So that others can send you feedback .For example-If you want to know opinions,pros ,cons , improvements to be done in your business /any YouTube channel. Then share your business sarahah account on social networking sites you can easily get feedback. Mostly all the users prefer to be anonymous,so feedback received will be more but it may have some unnecessary things also.

This helps us to get feedback from our friends ,relatives,coworkers etc…So that we can improve our strength and can know the areas to be enhanced.It also helps to get feedback regarding business ,website ,apps etc. In sarahah, one can control from whom they can receive messages. It also has an feature of blocking,favorites for easy access,you can flag messages ,all the messages received will be in inbox. However, this is  not a first anonymous app.

Like heads and tails for a coin ,there will be pros and cons for everything .So,this app is good if it is used in decent manner. But recently there are some issues like warning /threating messages,vulgar messages,harrasing etc. So,be careful and don’t misuse the technology available.
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