Seeing AI

Shaikh lost his sight when he was seven years old. In the pursuit of the freedoms that sighted people all take for granted every day, Shaikh has been personally involved in the development of an application of Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing, image recognition and mobile headset technologies.

Microsoft ‘s ‘ Seeing AI ‘ app is to help blind and visually impaired to view the world around them like never before. This uses the technique of Artificial intelligence.‘Seeing AI’ takes its name from the Microsoft research project that developed the tool.This is available only in ios operating system.After installing the app in the phone .IPhone camera scans the items and describes about the item,person,words etc..It reads small snippets of text,identitying the objects ,identifies mood /facial expressions ,currency denominations .Actually this is for the blind people, so how can they scan exactly the whole paper?Yes ,they can ie It also gives info that entire paper to all th corners is focussed or not.It takes to the destination Safely by giving the directions .After scanning the item,firstly it checks the availability of barcode.If present produces the beep sound.Then ,describes about the item.




Seeing AI joins a small group of apps designed to help visually impaired people.Earlier 1 year ago,they had developed this with the same technology in such away that only developers can use this.But ,this app can be used only by wearing pivothead sunglasses.It does not give any information regarding the availability of this app in android.

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