Selfie pay |Selfie authentication

Selfiepay-Selfie authentication:
This is a trend of selfie mania. Now a days, selfie has a lots of craze. Every person poses for a selfie .Taking this into the consideration and many other aspects ,a new method of payment was introduced .We generally use the numerics ,alphabets ,pattern as security codes .After that ,we have seen some passwords as users face detection ,fingerprint scanner also .However ,those were the starting stages of the their design. Facial biometric was not with that of advanced features .It is hard to remember every pin and so to move on to the advanced world ,a new selfie authentication process was introduced.

A new innovative way to pay for retailers and customers using facial recognition technology. Just simply take a selfie to pay .Selfie is going to be taken for the authentication process. It’s pretty good to make our face as identity to our accounts.But pay with selfie is slowly gaining attraction in mobile banking as a new approach to online digital identification. Now, Amazon is trying to introduce selfie payment option also. It has applied for the selfie pay  patent rights also. So basically enabling app users to confirm an online payment by showing their face to their smartphone’s camera .So that we can unlock our account just by taking a selfie. Master card has introduced selfie payment across some countries of Europe ie online payments can be done by this. The service requires users to take a selfie with their mobile device and upload their photo to Mastercard, which then creates a digital map of their face, ready to be used when a purchase needs to be verified .It  unveiled that ,”Pay with selfie approach offers a far more convenient method to sign-in and also enables a faster checkout process.”


You might be thinking that if the hackers /people unlock their accounts by showing user ‘s selfie or an image of the account holder.So to avoid such issues ,the system asks the user to keep the different facial expressions like smile,laugh,angry, etc .It will have the option of pin code also.

How ever ,it might take time to click selfie , pose different facial expressions , unlock finally .Many are suggesting that instead of selfish passwords, fingerprint scan ,iris scan and pin passwords only would be better .Hope good that it would become successful with all the top security in the coming days .Let the world move towards innovation…

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