Special methods used to produce electricity

Do you know what all possible methods are there to produce electricity? Actually there are many methods but we generally do not know about all those methods.

So let us have a look on all these methods.

The general ways of producing electricity that most of us know are from thermal, nuclear, hydel and wind plants. As we know these have a common principle behind power generation and that is get energy from somewhere to rotate huge turbines and produce electricity. In the case of thermal power that energy comes from burning coal and in the case of nuclear power plants it comes from nuclear fuel. For hydel it comes from water and for wind it comes from wind as their name suggests.

But there are few power sources other than these also. These power sources have different principles for energy production.

The most well-known among these is solar power, solar power is generated by harvesting solar radiation with the help of photo diodes which produce electricity when exposed to light. Research is going on to improve its efficiency as it is going to be the major power source of future.

Next source is power from mechanical work. These days there is a good research going on for this type of power generation. For this we need a special thing known as piezoelectric buzzer or piezoelectric sensor which generates power for mechanical work. Now a days there are some shoes which use this and have a battery in it which get charged when we walk and can be used as a power bank.



Next on the list is power from sound. We can generate power from sound, even though it is not as efficient as other sources at least for now but advances are being made every day in this field. Recently few researchers have developed a cooker which is self-dependent. This cooker produce some high density sound waves and they produce electricity which then heat cooker and the process goes on.

One more way to produce electricity is thermal gradient that is temperature difference. For the first time a scientist namely Seebeck observed this effect. A thermal gradient can diffuse electrons which constitute a current. This way is also not that efficient but it can be used for small current needs.


thermo electric generator

I hope you gained good amount of knowledge about power generation methods.

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