Dream Works:
This has created just a mind blowing movies like kung fu panda ,Madagascar etc .But do you know the logo behind the studio? It is the boy sitting on the moon fishing .What is the story behind this ? So to get it ,continue reading.In 1994, 3 people decided to create a new fill studio.They were Steven Spielberg, Disney director Jeffrey Katzenberg and music producer David Geffen.Initially ,they wanted to make a logo of the man sitting on the moon instead of boy.As the visual effects artist demanded to create the logo by hand.They a hired a man named Robert hunt to design a logo who tweaked that it starts with fly hitting the water and then pan to the boy sitting on the moon fishing .It took almost 3 months to design it.Spielberg was totally impressed by the logo and decided to represent the studio logo.The boy named William hunt is the boy fishing on the moon son of Robert hunt..

MGM studios:
This has the logo resembling the motto “Ars gratia Artis” means Art for the art’s sake .This MGM ( Metro Goldwyn Mayer)logo was first designed before the studio itself.This was first designed by the Goldwyn pictures in 1916 and later tied up with the Louis B. mayer pictures and Metro pictures in 1924.The original logo has the mascot Leo the lion but after that different others were used .


Paramount pictures:
Paramount Pictures Corporation was founded in 1912 as Famous Players Film Company in americanfilm studio by Adolph Zukor, and the theater moguls the Frohman brothers, Daniel and Charles.The logo was designed in 1912 This has the logo of the majestic mountains surrounding the 24 stars in the circular shape.Based on the Ben Lomond mountain from his childhood Utah ,logo was first made as a doodle by W.W.Hodkinson meeting with the Zukor.This has the 24 stars around it each signifying Paramounts then 24 contracted movies .Now it was reduced to 22 stars .Reason behind was unboxed .This is the 5th oldest surviving studio in the world..

WB bros:
Warner bros was established by the 4 Jewish brother who emigrated from Poland .They are Sam ,harry,Albert, jack warner.They do not know their surname and also actual names are not Harry,albert,Sam,Jack.There actual names- Harry “Hirsz,” Albert “Aaron,” Sam “Szmul,” and Jack “Itzhak” .The surname ” Wonsal,” “Wonskolaser” or even Eichelbaum are the surname taut people said before it was changed to “Warner.”
In 1925, at the urging of the Sam ,they made “talking picture”.WB studios doesn’t become famous firstly and troubled in attracting people.That got the ball rolling for the studio and made Warner Bros. famous.

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