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Hey do you follow technical guruji on you tube I want to tell you that I follow him and I like him so much so in this article I am going to tell you something aabout him and his channel
Gaurav Chaudhary popularly known as technical guruji is the biggest tech YouTube creator with 2.5 million subscribers on his channel technical guruji.
This guy makes two videos a day one in the morning and one in the evening ,the morning one is about tech based topics or unboxings and the second one is tech talks in which he tells about very interesting tech news

Gaurav Chaudhary stays in Dubai actually and is the owner of a  security agency there and create for YouTube as a part-time and ,see as a part-time itself he has become India’s largest tech channel.he perceived his mtech in microelectronics from bits Dubai .
Recently he has started one more channel named Gaurav Chaudhary itself and this channel has set a record by achieving 1 lakh subscribers in less than one day that tells about his fan following
now talking about the content he makes it is really superb ,generally there are many creators who do biased reviews and many other wrong things for money but Gaurav don,t do that personally I am following him since  an year and I have never felt that he is biased
The knowledge I got by seeing his videos is enormous and his explanation about processors which he explained by taking an example of a building was really superb and the things to tell are endless
I suggest all of you to see his videos because you get lots of knowledge from that.
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