When there are no ideal gases, Why do we study ideal gas laws?

Hey, I hope you are familiar with ideal gases and ideal gas laws. For those who are not familiar with these things, ideal gases are imaginary gases which obeys some laws called Gas Laws.

Let us have a brief about these laws: There are four main gas laws, namely

1. Boyle’s Law: Boyle’s law states the relation between volume and pressure at constant temperature and mass. It states that under a constant temperature when the pressure on a gas increases its volume decreases.

2. Charles Law: Jacques Charles in 1787 analyzed the effect of temperature on the volume of a gaseous substance at a constant pressure. According to his findings, at constant pressure and for constant mass, the volume of a gas is directly proportional to the temperature.

3. Gay Lussac’s Law: Also referred to as Pressure-Temperature Law, Gay Lussac’s Law was discovered in 1802 by a French scientist Joseph Louis Gay Lussac. He accidentally discovered that at fixed volume and mass of a gas, the pressure of that gas is directly proportional to the temperature.

4. Avogadro’s Law: Amedeo Avogadro in 1811 combined the conclusions of Dalton’s Atomic Theory and Gay Lussac’s Law to give another important Gas law called the Avogadro’s Law. According to Avogadro’s law, at constant temperature and pressure, the volume of all gases constitutes an equal number of molecules.

Now the people who are from science streams like me surely know about the importance of these topics. We have to study a lot about these ideal gases and gas laws. But why?

Did you ever ask that question to yourself? Why are you studying a lot about a thing which doesn’t exist in reality? I don’t think every teacher tells the reason why we study this topic?

So are you excited to know the core reason behind studying this topic? Then keep reading.

First let us have a small introduction. To study any topic we first need a basic thing from which the whole topic grows. In a topic if we have two similar things and one is easy to understand and that one makes the other one easy to understand, then we study the easy one first.

Now coming to the important topic “why to study ideal gases?” let me tell you first that gaseous states and its properties is a huge section. So firstly we take an ideal case which is comparatively easy to understand and study it. Then we go to real gases which behaves similar to ideal gases in some conditions but deviates from it under normal conditions. So if we study real gases after studying ideal gases, we would need to study only deviations which will make it easy.

I believe the thing is pretty complex to understand but I hope the core reason would have been conveyed to you. If you got it correctly, then now you can ask your friend the same question and show him how smart you are.

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