Threat of extinction to 400 Indian languages

Experts warned that “Many of the Indian languages would perish within the 50 years”. Nearly 400 of India’s 780-dd languages face the threat of extinction because of an erosion of traditional jobs that is fuelling migration to cities, a language expert has warned.According to the officials ,English does not pose its impact on the major languages Telugu,Hindi,Kannada ,Marathi languages.Languages of the coastal areas has the threat of extinction.

” Telugu ,Hindi,Marathi ,Kannada ,bangla,Malayalam,Gujarati,Punjabi Will not have threat by the English .As these are in the list of top 30 languages spoken by people.Each language may have the history of about 1000 years.Each one of these languages will be used by atleast 2 crore people with a strong support from the film industry, good music tradition, educational availability and thriving media,” he said.

Out of 6000 languages spoken around the world ,4000 languages has the threat of extinction.According to the survey,”10 % of the Languages under threat are from the India itself”.

Devy was in the national capital on Thursday for the release of 11 volumes of the People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI), claimed to be the world’s largest linguistic surveys.The country’s total 780 languages were surveyed by a PLSI team of 3,000 people in 27 states under the study.

Ganesh N.Devy, also founder director of the Bhasha Research and Publication Center, Vadodara and Adivasi Academy at Tejgadh, Gujarat, said the study will cover the remaining states of Sikkim, Goa and Andaman and Nicobar islands by December .He also said coastal areas, nomadic and Himalayan languages could vanish within half a century.

He said the large-scale mechanisation of coastal activities like fishing and salt production had forced hordes of local people to migrate, endangering their connection with their native culture.
Ganesh said ” Bhojpuri is the language that is growing rapidly in the country”. some of the tribal languages also took rapid growth during these years.Samtali ,Gondi Languages of Odisa ,chattisgarh,Maharashtra ,Bheli language of Gujarat,Rajasthan,Maharashtra and some other languages spoken in other areas also has rapid increase.

The main reason behind this upward trend is educated people in these communities have started using these languages for writing.They publish poems, write plays and perform them. In some of the languages, even films ,serials are being made.

Ganesh said ” Since ,5 decades India has lost 250 languages”.Language is man-made and comes out of great human labour. Thousands of years are spent before a language is born. If we lose our languages, we are doing grave injustice to our predecessors and ancestors,” he said.

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