Three mobile cases you would like to buy for your mobile device

Mobile device are very important in our life today. Its not any exaggeration to say that we cannot live without phones today. So when mobiles are so important for us, there protection is also important and we would also like to get everything packed into this mobile phone itself right. So here are some cases which can help you to protect your phone as well as pack some additional things with your phone.

1.Case By Case: The Best Phone Case Ever

This is one of the most wonderful cases I have ever seen. There are really infinite things you can do with this case. Case by case people are running a campaign for this product on Kickstarter and they have backed $58,057 till now.

Link to Kickstarter for case by case

There are many things you can do with this. The first thing is that the case itself becomes a stand for your phone. Then you can get accessories with case like additional battery to charge your phone when you are outside.

case by case

You can get three types of screen protection attachments with this case. You can get an attachable wallet with this case. You can mount your mobile to different mounts, and the list goes on.

I personally think this is pretty good case, but it is available only in US for present and as we buy more and more attachments the price go high. The case is available for some particular brands of phones like Samsung and Apple only


2.The freefall detecting case

This case was invented recently by a German student. Basically this case have a sensor and a spring system. The sensor can sense freefall of mobile phone and deploys the springs which protects mobile phone. You might think what is so special in it? The time of reaction by the case is very quick and that is the speciality.

air bag case

This project may come up on Kickstarter soon and I think there will be a good response for it. I would personally like to pre-order it to protect my phone.

3.Mous Musicase

Now this case do not have many things to do like in the case of first case. But this solves a specific problem. With this case we can put our ear phones inside the case that too in a smart way. See the photo and you can understand. There is a dial on the case which rotates to roll and unroll the earphone wires. This product is now on Kickstarter and there are 500 backers by now.



If you are a music lover and very frequently use ear phones, then this case is a good choice for you.

Link to Kickstarter for Mous Musicase

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