TNM Jawad the man behind TNM solutions- an inspiration

TNM solutions which is one of the emerging web development and App development company and it’s founder  Mr.TNM Jawad are now an inspiration for young entrepreneurs in India.
In today’s so called competitive world where everyone is running behind IIT’S and AIIMS, Jawad created such a company without any formal degree.
TNM Jawad
His  real name is Mohammed Jawad but when he tried to create his email, an id with his name was not available so  google came up with a suggestion of TNMJawad which was available. With that name only he got popular.
TNM Jawad who is basically from Kerala was passionate towards computers from very young age of 10.
Jawad with one more passionate friend started a website in his tenth class itself where in he used a free domain due to lack of money. In no time he again started a full fledged website in paid domain.
At a coaching institute he learnt web designing and started to design websites.
Jawad’s father lost his job in Dubai and returned to India. Then Jawad asked his father to somehow arrange one lakh rupees so that he could start his own company. Seeing his determination to support family and also his passion in computers Jawad’s father arranged one lakh rupees with which he started his own company at an age of 17.
When everyone sit studying, Jawad used to work on websites.
Surprising think here is that the people who taught him designing at his coaching institute also worked for him in his company.
tnm websiteTNM website
 He offered web designing services at very low costs and we’re very creative and attractive. This attracted attention of many people and thus he got many contracts. Like that he increased his business.
Today TNM solutions have clients not only in our country but also from foreign countries.
 Jawad have more than 100 employees working for him and has a turnover of crores of rupees.
Today TNM solutions is also providing many services like SEO, app development, IT consultancy services and branding services.
I think we have to take inspiration from him. We should try to generate employment so as to decrease the problem of unemployment.
I hope you like the article and also get inspired from him.
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