Top 5 Questions Science Cannot Answer

Today mankind have a lot of technological and science advancement but we all know that still science cannot answer some questions. There are many questions science cannot answer today and will probably take decades and centuries together for mankind to answer. There is a possibility that we may not even be able to answer some questions.

So let us know about five such questions science cannot answer and dig pretty deep into it. Let us see what research is going on to answer these questions and I will tell you about various unproved theories behind these questions.


1. What is there beyond our Universe?
2. Does God Exist?
3. How did life start on earth?
4. Is time travel possible?
5. What is consciousness?

So let us dive into the questions science cannot answer..

1. What is there beyond our Universe?

Let me tell you that this question is very much valid. It is valid to ask because our universe is expanding into something, What is that it is expanding into? So there is something out there.

What is there beyond our universe?

First of all let us know about our universe and then talk about what lies outside. For mankind, our universe itself is a big mystery. We don’t know many things about our own universe like

  1. Is it finite or infinite?
  2. What is the size of our universe?
  3. Is it flat or spherical or open? And so on

Let me tell you about the observable universe first, observable universe which is similar to Hubble volume is the part of the universe which we can see with the means of technology we have. Today with very advanced measuring techniques we are able to approximately measure the diameter of the observable universe. Scientists claim that the observable universe have a diameter of 93 billion light years.

Are you wondering about how did we measure such a huge distance? We are able to measure such a huge distance due to a phenomenon called “Red Shift” which is related to Doppler affect. The red shift is observed due to the continuous expansion of universe. Doppler affect is sound and light shifting frequency as the source and receiver move. As universe is expanding and stars are moving away, there is a shift towards red region of the spectrum. Depending on this shift we can measure how far that observable thing is.

Want to know more about techniques to measure astronomical distances – read this article by BBC

If observable universe itself is 93 billion light years wide, then how big the whole universe would be? Some researchers claim that it would be 250 times this observable universe and claim that the overall universe is flat, but we don’t have very strong proofs to say that this is correct. We don’t even know whether there is anything beyond observable universe or not.

Now, knowing that we don’t even know about our universe itself and don’t even know whether we would be able to know about our universe completely at some point of time or not, when will science go beyond our universe?

So I think that answering the question, What is there beyond our universe? Is very difficult for science if at all something exists there.

There are many unproven theories about this, they are:

  1. Parallel Universe
  2. Black Hole Spawning
  3. Replica of observable universe might exist and so on

To know more about these weird theories read the article – Five weird theories of what lies outside the universe

So that was the first question, what do you think? Would we be able to answer it at some point of time?

Here are some books for curious brains and for whose tho want to explore more about universe:-



2. Does God Exist?

This is one of the most debated questions ever. So, can science ever answer this question? Let us look at this question from the perspective of science.

Kardashev, a Russian astrophysicist gave a scale to classify civilization based on their technological advancement and energy harnessing capabilities. He classified civilizations into three types, Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. Let me brief you about these,

Type 1: This civilization will be able to use full energy available on their planet. At any point of time they will have access to energy between 10^16 – 10^17 watts.

Type 2: These civilizations will be able to use complete energy of a solar system. They will be able to build megastructures like Dyson spheres, Matrioshka Brain etc. They will have access to an energy of 10^26 watts at any point of time.

Type 3: These civilizations will be able to use energy of a complete galaxy. They will use the things used by Type 2 civilizations at a larger scale. Not only that, they will also harness energy from super massive black holes, gamma bursts etc. They will have access to an energy of 10^37 watts at any point of time.

To know more about these types of civilizations read – Kardashev scale — stages of civilization development

Now, we can imagine Type 4 civilization which will have access to energy of a whole universe and Type 5 which will control multiple universes if they exist. So, Type 5 civilizations might be like God for every possible life form. They would be able to manipulate the laws of nature, they would be able to give life to the dead etc.

But the ultimate question is, does they exist? Scientists claim that there is no evidence of existence of even Type-2 civilization in Hubble volume (Observable space).

Here’s More Evidence That Galactic Super-Civilizations Don’t Exist

Then, can a Type -5 civilization really exist? If yes, where are they? This leads to the Fermi Paradox. Watch the video below to understand Fermi Paradox in a simple way.

If at all a Type -5 civilization exist then there must be many other Type-2 and Type -3 civilizations also. But we are not able to find even one. This thing also leads to a thought that are we alone in the infinite space????

In my view it will take centuries together to answer this question and I think that we will be able to answer this only when one such civilization visit earth because there is a possibility that these civilizations can live in other dimensions which mankind cannot sense.

What are your opinions on this, let me know in comments.

3. How did life start on earth?

This is yet another complex question which the mankind has to answer. The life which exist today on earth is pretty complex. Earth hosts wide variety of life, right from a unicellular virus to a human consisting of trillions of cells. So, where, when and how did the life begin???

How did life begin on earth

There are several unproven theories about the beginning of life on earth. So, let us see some of these theories.

  • Deep sea vents which are rich in key chemicals essential for life even today might be the starting point of life. Researchers at institutes like Georgia tech claim that oceans at that time have all the components to form RNA and one of their studies proves that RNA in an oxygen less environment with iron can act as an instruction giving DNA. But if that was the beginning, how did that RNA form?
  • Lightning in the early stages of earth might have given a spark for a reaction marking the beginning of life. This Lightning might be the reason behind formation of RNA.
  • Life might be brought on to earth by some asteroid from some other part of space, but then how did life start there??

These three are the theories which sounds correct to me about beginning of life on earth but all these have loopholes.

To know about more theories read – 7 Theories on the Origin of Life.

There is a possibility that we can answer this question if we can understand where and how in nature can RNA form but if we get to know about more than one way then i don’t think we would be able to predict which way lead to formation of RNA at that time.

I think that we would be able to answer this question only when we invent a machine which could travel in time and this is the next big question.

4. Is time travel possible?

Time travel is one of the biggest questions that is standing before us. Can we travel in time? I think that, one way that is future time travel would be possible according to Einstein’s Special theory of Relativity. According to special relativity, if we travel at a speed close to the speed of light, time moves slow for us. For example if you start from earth and travel at a speed close to speed of light for 5 years and then return, 50 years could have gone by on earth.

Probably travel into future might be possible but can we travel back into past? That seems impossible as the things happened in past are completed and we cannot get it back. But some say that if wormholes really exist, there is a possibility to travel back into past but it is also limited. Even this theory is totally contradicted by many physicists. Kip Thorne, a physicist at Caltech has theoretically proved that any wormhole that would allow time travel would collapse as soon as it forms. Read more about this here.

One more theory called multiverse theory says that there is a possibility that you exist in other universe also but in different timeline. You can probably travel to that place and see what is happening in that timeline with you. Travelling into past timelines would not raise grandfather paradox here as if you go to other timeline and kill your grandfather there, you are not killing your grandfather in reality, and you are killing someone else’s grandfather who is exactly like you.

Here are some books you can read to know more about time, time travel and related theories:


So, there are many such unproven theories about time travel, out there. But we are yet to get very strong proofs about time travel. Once imagine how would it be if someone find a way to travel in time? We would build timeports like airports, probably there will be visas and permissions to travel in time and we would have time patrol etc. It sounds really cool right. What would you do if time travel becomes a reality?

5. What is consciousness?

Consciousness which is the awareness or perception of something is really a wonder which is a gift to us. After years of research, today we are able to explain about our senses, power to remember etc. but consciousness is still a big question mark. We never understand that how can 100 billion neurons together create a thing like consciousness. We are no near to answering this question. There is a lot to understand about our brains and our body.

Scientists say that consciousness is the result of multiple complex processes happening in our body but we don’t know what those processes are.

I sometimes feel like this world is a simulation and is controlled by a type 3 or type 4 civilizations about which I told above. I feel like someone is controlling us. These were my personal thoughts, what do you think?

So, those were the five questions science cannot answer today and probable not even in near future. I hope you got to learn about some new things through this article, if yes please subscribe to our newsletter to get such articles directly into your inbox. Share this with your curious friends. Keep Reading and Keep Learning.

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