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Hey guys, recently I was searching for online courses as I wanted to learn JavaScript and that is when I came to know about treehouse. Treehouse’s website attracted me and the reviews were also good, so I started learning JavaScript at treehouse. In this article I would share my opinion, cons and pros of learning at treehouse.


According to me treehouse is a pretty good place to learn programming. The course structure they have is awesome. There are well structured tracks for every programming language. The structure is like, first comes an explanation video and then they give small tasks about that video.

The explanation videos are very good and the money you pay is worth it.

For every video there is a separate workspace which makes it easy to follow the video. If we get any doubt we can modify the code in workspace according to our doubt and test it, so that we could clarify that doubt.

Treehouse have a good community which is very active. You can ask your doubts there and get answers. I personally asked two of my doubts related to JavaScript and in no time I got answers to them. That is actually a cool experience according to me, asking doubts getting answers from people we don’t know, I like it.


First cons for treehouse is that it is only for beginners, if you are an advance programmer you should not go for treehouse.

Treehouse is not versatile and don’t have wide variety of courses.

Eventhough the courses are pretty good the price tag is too high that is 1650 rupees per month and even after paying that much you don’t get a certificate.

They do not have courses related to burning computer topics like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

My opinion:

Coming to me I am not a top class programmer, I am beginner in many languages except HTML and CSS. So as I am a beginner, for me treehouse is very good for learning. And according to me videos are of very good quality and spending time on it is worth it. If you are a beginner and want to learn coding and you are serious about it, then I will recommend treehouse to you.

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