Truth behind the most viewed wallpaper

The most used operating system that is Microsoft Windows XP has a wallpaper.Do u you guys know the story behind that wallpaper ? If not ,go through this ..


The name of the default wallpaper of the computer OS is ‘ Bliss’.This was captured by the geographic photographer “Charles O Rear”.This is an unedited picture of the green hills, white clouds,blue sky in the Los carneros American viticultural area of Sonoma country,California,United states .He locked this picture in his camera on his way to meet his girlfriend. He used to visit his girlfriend every Friday afternoon whom he married later .He sent this Bliss to Corbis in 1996 and in 2000 Windows bought rights to the picture .He also said that he would have negotiated it for 1 cent per view ,if he had known how popular it would become and how many computers it would have been on .Although many people accused that image was digitally altered but Charles confirmed that it was never done .

In 2006, Goldin+senneby visited the site where the Bliss was taken and tried to take the photograph the same view but instead of the full vivid green hills it was covered with all the redvine.i.e..shown in the below image.

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