TSCOP-real time policing

Director General of police ( DGP ) M.Mahender reddy along with officers from various Districts of telangana launched a unique mobile app ,’TSCOP’ on Monday by adding new features to the HYDCOP.  He said that all the 54 services of the department are integrated into the app and later they can be expanded. TSCOP App will be useful to identify suspects in an offence by verifying Aadhaar number, voter ID, driving licence, vehicle registration or mobile phone number. Crimes that occurred in the past will be Geotagged. So,more patrolling will be done in such areas.

Geotagging is also be done for the residential areas of criminals. So that  all the suspicious movements of those criminals can be traced .Fingerprints of all criminals will be stored in the app database  and in which all crimes will be recorded .So ,by examining the finger prints of the suspects, police will be able to know the crimes recorded in his account. The police officers can also verify the crime record of suspects against 16,000 courts data across the country .
When an emergency call arrives to control room then immediately the information will be sent to patrolling police .

Initially, app will be used by police personel in Cyberabad ,Rachakonda police commissionerates and very soon will be rolled out for policemen in all districts and commissionerates.


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