Unilever logo – A logo with great meaning

Unilever Logo is one of the most complete logos I have seen, do you agree with it? I am saying this because it depicts a wide variety of the company’s products in one logo. So,lets know about it.

Unilever the Anglo Dutch company ,is a multinational consumer goods company that manufactures personal care products, beverages,nutritional food , hygienic products.The previous logo was a simple monochrome blue “U.” Unilever committed to make sustainable living commonplace and their logo is a visual expression of that commitment. In 2005, Unilever changed the logo to represent their new theme of vitality, replacing the old logo that had been used since 1970.They appointed Wolff Olins to help create a new brand for the company, clearly expressing it’s vitality mission.

The logo consists of twenty five icons which were designed and collaborated to form the shape of U. This  U shape is in blue colour.These icons include Sun, Hand, Flower, Bee, DNA, Hair, Palm tree, Sauces or Spreads, Bowl, Spoon, Spice & Flavors, Fish, Sparkle, Bird, Tea, Lips, Ice cream, Recycle, Particles, Frozen, Container, Heart, Clothes, Wave and Liquid. Each icon has a rich meaning such as

  • SUN: Our primary natural resources. All the life begins with the sun ultimate symbol of vitality.
  • HAND:A symbol of sensitivity,care and need.It represents both skin and touch.
  • SAUCES or SPREADS:represents stirring or mixing.It suggests blending in flavors and adding taste
  • BOWL: Represents delicious smelling food and a meal ready to be served or taken.
  • BEE: Represents pollination,determination,creation ,hard work and biodiversity.It designates both environmental challenges and opportunities.
  • FLOWER: It represents fragrance.when seen with the hand it represents moisturizer and creams .
  • SPOON : A symbol of cooking ,nutrition and tasting.
  • SPICE AND FLAVORS : Represents chillies or fresh ingredients.
  • FISH: Represents food,sea or fresh water.
  • SPARKLE : Represents Clean healthy or sparking with energy
  • LIPS : Represents beauty ,looking good and tasty.
  • BIRD: A symbol of freedom.It suggests a relief from daily chores, and getting more of life
  • RECYCLE:part of commitment to sustainability.
  • PARTICLES:A reference to science ,bubbles and fizz.
  • LIQUID:A reference to clean water and purity.
  • HEART : A symbol of love ,care and health.
  • WAVE:symbolizes freshness ,cleanliness.
  • DNA :Unilever’s heritage of positive change
  • CLOTHES:Fresh laundry and looking good
  • PALM TREE:respect for the natural world and environment
  • ICE CREAM : A well deserved treat,pleasure and enjoyment.
  • HAIR:Symbol of beauty and looking good.
  • CONTAINER: packaging a pot of cream associated with personal care
  • TEA: A symbol of growing and farming. It is an extract from tree.

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