An advanced use of Facial recognition technology -Facebook

Facebook to introduce a new feature. Facebook uses facial recognition to give information about your photos uploaded in it.

When people upload your pictures in the Facebook without tagging you people. You might not know about your photo .So this feature enables you to know about your picture uploaded.It gives info even if any profile picture is uploaded with your photo by your cousins,friends ,friends of friends.
Facebook instead of seeking  the permissions to use facial recognition technology for tagging your photos, now it’s seeking to use this for detecting any photos of you are uploaded and notifies you.


Description of a photo

Introduction of this feature firstly aims


to increase the privacy and security regarding one’s pictures.“Now, the users can access the photo, and they can communicate to the person who posted it.”The new tool will also be used to improve Facebook’s automatic text descriptions — telling visually impaired users not just what is in a picture, but also who.

According to some of the sites like verge states that harassers and bullies could potentially take advantage of this new notification tool by uploading embarrassing photos or videos which would then automatically be shown to the target. The good news is that you can turn the feature off altogether with one simple setting..Hope this will be used for the good cause .

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