Various network standards like E,G ,H,H+,4G

Did you ever notice the symbols like G, E, 3G, H, H+,4G/LTE? If noticed, ever thought what does they refer to?
Actually, these symbols represents network standards .

  • G stands for GPRS, General Packet Radio Service and it is slowest network that is used in the GSM network (2.5G) .Generally, this is good enough to send text messages in whatsapp, facebook etc.
  • E stands for EDGE, Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution .Th is is also called enhanced Enhanced GPRS, generally(2.75G). EDGE has the technology in between 2G and 3G.This is little faster than GPRS which will occur when you are in weak signal area .It is even hard to browse smoothly or to watch YouTube videos without buffering.
    3G or UMTS is the third generation of the mobile network. It is the technology that first supported video calling.
  • H stands for HSPA,High Speed Packet Access. Generally, referred as 3.5G improved version of 3G. It is good enough to browse websites, watch videos.
  • H+ is improved HSPA,which is one of the fastest networks. It allows you to stream HD videos and is comparable to the average home broadband connection .
  • LTE stands for Long Term Evolution which is 4G. It is used for rapid downloading, streaming full HD videos, music, files etc. For a network to consider itself 4G, it must meet the standards of the ITU or International Telecommunications Union.


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