Volocopter-Dubai’s flying taxi

Did you ever experienced a ride on a flying taxi. You may be wondering to know about flying taxi .The taxi drone was designed by German company Volocopter. The automated vehicle, which lifts up and lands vertically like a helicopter, in which  Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed made a trail away for a five-minute flight 200 meters also.

Finally ,volocopter want to be able to offer long rides up to 30 minutes. In future you will be able to take a flying taxi just like uber.That is you have to book a volocopter and reach the nearest voloport.Here in the voloport you will be picked up.You will be taken to your destination with a flying taxi ride .It is a two seater capacity.

Volocopter doesn’t need a pilot which works on the GPS system but if there is no internet in that area ?so that why the company plans to “implement full sense capability” in the future.As to provide safety and to feel safe ,it is equipped with a couple of parachutes,back-up batteries and rotors per each volocopter .
It will ensure and present you to have a ride without any collisions with other volocopters. If all the things goes successfully you would have a ride in flying taxi within 5 years in Dubai.

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