Websites used by rich people

we normal people know very few sites that to are the sites which charge very low but there are some sites use by ultra rich people below there are five of these websites and read it only if you are sure that you won’be jealous of rich people after reading it
It is an exotic website for rich people to buy luxury things like luxury jets helicopter ,jewelry and collectibles and many more
you come across extremely costly and luxurious things  in this site and is the right destination for a rich person looking to buy some luxurious thing

It is a website where we can get very special services like events at pyramids of Egypt etc for VIPs,this site is really helpful for rich people who want to conduct some event at extremely special place.this site can do that almost any where and even on london bridge by diverting the traffic making you feel that you are a vvip but it costs a lot
we generally say facebook twitter etc when we hear social media but there is an exclusive social media website for rick kids named richkids itself
It is an exclusive social media website for rich kids with very high membership fee per month ranging to 💯 thousand dollars per month
Luxy is a website for rich people for dating and have over 40,000 is exclusive to rich people with high costs.this is a website where two of the ultra rich people could meet.
This is a website to book private luxury jets and helicopter exclusively for ultra rich people
if you are rich person you can book a luxury airplane or helicopter and that to only for you privately a website giving such a service is really great

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