What is CAPTCHA?

I think most of the people are familiar with the word CAPTCHA.Generally ,we feel it like a test before completing some tasks like Gmail account creation ,shopping ,ticket booking etc but what is this? , why do we use ?

CAPTCHA is actually a acronym which refers to ‘Completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart.’This CAPTCHA is used to determine whether user is a human or not .This CAPTCHA is so simple that humans can understand where as Computers cannot understand so easily.

Chances of understanding CAPTCHA for humans is more and success rate is above 80% and success rate for computers is less than 0.01%.
CAPTCHA not only includes alphabets ,it may have letters on the distorted images ,sometimes addition of numbers ,some times to identify the images shown…This is mainly introduced for the security .CAPTCHA cannot be solved easily by the Hackers /spammers etc.In order avoid these hacking situations ,CAPTCHA would be helpful.

Even if they pass in that CAPTCHA test , there is no need to worry a lot because we have to feel glad for the reason that AI of the computers has improved.
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