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Whatsapp is updating with most exciting features .Now ,it’s a wow news for the small business holders. Whatsapp business app is the new one which is going to be launched for the better business deals. Whatsapp business would help customers and owners to maintain a good communication .Official launch date of this was not announced .

Coming to the Logo, it has the same general design as the WhatsApp logo, but the Business badge features a B rather than a phone icon.

It has two sections one is business settings section and the other is statistics .The Statistics section currently shows the total of number of messages sent, delivered, read and received, however, more analytics are tipped to roll-out soon

Whatsapp business app Will have the features of the whatsapp messenger along with some other features.In whatsapp business app we have create our own profile along with some details like name of the shop,timings,websites related to business ..etc which gives some info to customers regarding your business.

You can have both Whatsapp business and whatsapp messenger installed on devices but with unique numbers.

You can also have whatsapp business for landline number and during verification process ‘make a call ‘should be selected instead of sms to receive a code.Messages and calls from customers will reach the landline number, but Business account users will be able to access them on their mobile.

Whatsapp business also has the option of ‘Away messages ‘ to indicate that you’re away. Whatsapp business can be easily accessed and can respond to customers easily in browser .

So,are you guys excited to try a new platform promoting your business .Hope that it will be successful and keep reading our articles ,share our articles,subscribe ,comment ….

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