Whatsapp to come up with new feature ‘Delete for every one ‘

Whatsapp is upcoming with exciting features.Earlier, said that whatsapp is working on the recall feature or delete feature.We feel happy and excited chatting with our friends but if we send a message to other groups /boss/teacher then we regret it .

So to overcome this ,it is upgrading with new feature DELETE for everyone feature i.e the message sent by mistake will be recalled to the server from recipient .This is valid only if the recipient does not read the message .It allows to recall all messages that have been sent within the last five minutes. Recall feature should be enabled in settings to revoke a message..

Whatsapp testing the delete for everyone feature

This includes text-based messages as well as those that include images, videos and GIFs.

To recall a message

Sent files with quoted messages and attached documents ,files will also be able to be recalled, as will Status replies. It is also said that a message recalled will also be removed from the notification centre. It is said that very soon this feature is will be available in IOS and android operating system.

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