Whatsapp’s – picture in picture mode

Whatsapp is the most used social networking application(messaging app) and all the way sticked the users to it. Whatsapp made easy to exchange the data like messages,videos,images ,files etc. Whatsapp connected the people with exciting audio calling and video calling features .It also has expressive feature of emoji’ s and gif . Now Whatsapp, to come up with its  new update….

Now in current Version of Whatsapp ,we open the link of any YouTube videos to watch .Then it opens YouTube directly and video will be streaming on the full screen of the smartphone.At that time ,we can’t chat simultaneously by watching video. The upcoming update will enable WhatsApp to open a YouTube video in a picture-in-picture mode within the WhatsApp chats. Whatsapp users are allowed to stream their YouTube video within the messaging app itself. This makes the users to do both the tasks parallely at a time . For example they can chat by watching the videos on the screen provided .


Users can use the pinch gesture to zoom out or zoom in of the video screen.This will be flexible and  easy to use. We can move video streaming to the any corner of the screen with out pausing or stopping . Actually,this is possible only  in the smartphones with split screen option .But now this is possible without that split screen option also.

The new WhatsApp update is poised to be available for Apple iPhones first like the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus and other similar screen sized iPhones. This feature will be available in ios operating system .However ,there’s no word yet on whether or not the functionality will come to Android users too.

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