WhatsApp working on desktop app

Today, there is nothing wrong in saying that WhatsApp has become a part of our lives and for many people it seems to be one of the most important apps they need to have in their phone.


Reports from NextWeb and WindowsCentral says that now WhatsApp is working to make a dedicated desktop app. WhatsApp already have a web application which can be accessed on web but some important feature like video calling are missing on their web application.

There is an app for desktop especially for mac users but there is no such app for windows so now WhatsApp is getting ready to catch the windows users so that they can increase their user base to some extent.

With this desktop app’s release I think it would be easy for people working on desktops to access WhatsApp, so that they can easily contact people.


Now we have to wait and see whether WhatsApp launches this desktop with their clean layout or put some additional confusing or complex features. I personally like WhatsApp’s clean layout and what I say is that WhatsApp should not try to make it complex like Hike.

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