I personally enjoy watching the bright blue sky and the slowly moving white clouds in the sky. The happy feeling I get seeing the blue sky is really awesome. One day while watching the sky I got a doubt, “why are the clouds white?”  Hey did you get the same doubt, do you know the reason behind the white colour? Keep reading to know the reason.



To understand the reason behind the colour of the sky and clouds, we need to have knowledge about scattering of light. Scattering is a wonderful optical phenomenon which is the reason behind the colours we see. Some particles scatter light that is reflect them in all directions and this phenomenon is known as scattering. Now some particles have the ability of selective scattering which means that they can strongly scatter a particular wavelength of light. This scattering ability depends on size of the particles.

The nitrogen molecules can specifically scatter blue colour and that is why sky is blue.

Why are clouds white?

Coming to our main doubt, we know that clouds are actually made up of water droplets and the normal clouds we see daily don’t have high density of water, so light can penetrate through. Now the water molecules are larger than nitrogen molecule. Because of the size of the water molecule, it cannot scatter any colour specifically. These water molecules scatter all the colours equally and that is the reason behind the white colour of clouds.

You might have observed that sometimes sky turns white and this is the result of increase in water vapour content in atmosphere. As mentioned above this water vapour scatters light in all directions and thus making the sky white.

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