Why do fingers wrinkle?

Hey guys did you ever wonder why do our fingers wrinkle? When we soak our fingers in water, fingers develop wrinkles. Are you excited to know the reason behind this, then keep reading?



First of all we need to know that the outer layer of skin on fingers that is epidermis is thicker than the skin on other parts of body, this is the main reason why only fingers wrinkle.

Now coming to the real answer, under the skin we have some cells which build up the inner portion of the skin know as Keratinocytes ,these are made up of a protein namely keratin.


When we soak our hands in water this keratin absorbs water as it is a water liking substance. After absorbing this swells a bit and make wrinkles on our fingers.

Then you may ask that is there any use of this wrinkles, yes in fact recent laboratory experiments have found that wrinkles increase the grip of our fingers. When our hands have water on it, they are more slippery and that might be the reason why wrinkles are there to increase the grip.

Some scientists even claim that there might be a neural mechanism behind this wrinkles and say that after sensing wet conditions neural system might give a message to our cells to form wrinkle , studies are still going on to get the correct reason behind this.

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